Warming Herbal Teas

We don’t often think of tea as medicinal, but herbal teas can be a powerful ally on your road to health. The following teas are particularly useful for increasing circulation, warmth and overall vitality.
Cinnamon tea


  • Calming to the stomach
  • Helps alleviate wind and wind pains
  • Increases circulation and warmth
  • Regulates blood sugar

This is a good tea to have if you suffer stomach upsets or afternoon energy slumps from low blood sugar.

Avoid in pregnancy and GORD.


Ginger tea


  • Helpful with morning sickness and other nausea
  • Great to alleviate bloating and flatulence
  • Anti inflammatory – good for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Alleviates painful menstruation due to poor circulation in pelvic area
  • Helps with overall impaired circulation, cold hands and feet etc

This is a great tea to have if you need an overall warming sensation or are experiencing nausea.

Avoid in GORD, peptic ulcer or if you are on warfarin.


Rosemary tea


  • Excellent to alleviate tension headaches or neuralgic pains
  • Helps reduce flatulence and bloating
  • Excellent to help with poor memory and concentration

This is a perfect tea for students and those needing extra brain power.