Health Screening Checkups

We now offer health screening check-ups at our Maiden Gully pharmacy. People with a family history of diabetes, who are overweight or over 40 years old and have not seen a medical practitioner recently would benefit from a health screening test.

A thorough health screening check-up takes about 15-20 minutes and includes weight/height measurements, a quick and painless blood glucose test, blood total cholesterol levels, HDL cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk.

We also offer a separate quick and painless blood glucose test. Results are printed, explained and then handed to the patient instantly.

These check-ups are designed to improve your health & wellbeing by finding out any potential health issues early, so that you can address and prevent any complications.

Thorough health screening check-ups members $44.95 non-members $49.95, blood glucose check members $14.35 non-members $15.95.